Dhatrak Model School

Suchitra-Petbasheerabad, Near Decathlon Kompally (Suchitra) Medchal Highway, Hyderabad 500-067.



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“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.” – Carl Sagan

I came across this amazing quote and realized how relevant it is for all of us: children, parents and teachers

Education is the basis of all progress of the society, it is for this very reason that we forayed into education. The entire purpose of education is not to restrict itself to imparting bookish knowledge only but inculcate humanitarian values like wisdom, compassion, courage, humility, integrity and reliability in a student. Our endeavor is to strike a balance between state-of-the-art infrastructure and an internationally acceptable education. We at DMS impart Holistic Education for your child, with a great blend of academics, co-curricular activities, sports education and life-skills transforming them into an accomplished individual. We at DMS believe in Energizing young minds. We teach our child how to think, not what to think which helps our students to discover and reach their personal goals in life. I look forward to molding your child for a healthy, happy and successful future


It gives me immense pleasure to present DMS to you. I believe every child is unique and has lot of potential to unleash . we are committed to provide an academically rigorous and relevant program which teaches students to act responsibly, think critically and contribute to a changing society. our endeavor is to nurture a child’s innate happiness through education that creates value and equips students with the wisdom to apply what they have learnt joyfully.

Our aim is to impart ideal education for life and global leadership. We focus on overall development of the child through our holistic programme which ignite Mind, Body & Soul .

We provide them Joyful learning environment both in academic and non-academic aspects of students’ learning. Our facilitators under the guidance of the head of the institution, facilitate a culture of independence and quality teaching with a strong student teacher relationship .
As a result of our holistic approach a child stepping out of our institution will not merely excel in his or her chosen career but will also succeed as a well-balanced and culturally enriched human being with a positive approach to life.
At The DMS,, we believe in merely educating children, our mission to provide joyful learning experience for life
I wish you all a great and fruitful year ahead.


“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” -John Quincy Adams

The journey of life begins with the fear of the unknown; as does knowledge, which starts with curiosity. Had there been no element of curiosity, there would have been no progress of human beings, no invention, no book, the ‘Apple’ of Isaac Newton, the ‘Ship of Magellan’ or the man’s first step on the moon and not forgetting many other innovations of human history that would not have been path-breaking inventions. An unimaginable, innovative fountainhead of knowledge, one’s mind is the best teacher. The effort of a teacher ends up planting the seed of curiosity. Curiosity creates restlessness in one’s mind to find the answers, explore, and reach a conclusion. The primary step towards this is to make
one attempt at knowledge to know and find out the powerful personality within. With this faith, conviction, and commitment, let us start our journey….

We should keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things because we are curious, and CURIOSITY is what keeps leading us down new paths.